Shenzhen maroon taxis

Shenzhen Maroon Taxi

The purple taxis of Shenzhen are the main taxi service provider inside the Shenzhen’s Special Economic Zone. They are plentiful, just stand near the road, and wave your hand when one, or several, are approaching, and they will pick you up if they are not already carrying passengers.

This is the safest way of travelling by road in Shenzhen. They will also take you to places outside the Special Economic Zone, for example OCT East.

The rate of these purple taxis are (February 2014):

  • RMB 10 minimum flat fee for the first two kilometres, or part thereof
  • RMB 2.40 per kilometre thereafter
  • RMB 0.80 per minute the car is stationary.
  • and a RMB 3 fuel surcharge

The cars come equipped with a digital display that indicates the current running meter, as well as a breakdown of time stationary, and the distance covered.

If you don’t speak Mandarin, take along some pieces of paper with the destination address written out in Chinese on them (not pinyun!). This will help if your driver doesn’t understand English.


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